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Although kratom can be grown outside of its indigenous home of Southeast Asia, the vast majority of the supply circulating within the US and elsewhere is imported from Southeast Asian countries.

Indonesia is perhaps home to the highest volume of mitragyna speciosa powder production and exportation. Unlike other Southeast Asian countries, kratom has not been deemed an illicit substance within Indonesian borders, which has popularized kratom farming efforts. A significant amount of kratom is sourced from Indonesian provinces such as West Kalimantan on the island of Borneo.

Supposedly, farmers located in other neighboring regions such as Malaysia and even Thailand also play a role in how kratom is made, although kratom is a controlled substance in both countries. In Thailand, kratom was deemed illegal to buy, sell, import, or possess in 1979. However, despite regulation efforts, kratom has maintained its popularity and remains Thailand’s most widely consumed substance.


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Kratom is known for its many potential benefits, including pain relief, mood improvement, and as a natural remedy for anxiety and depression.

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